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The Law Office of Joseph T. Desmond is a reputable legal firm where you will be represented by Joe, not by an associate! 

Hello. My name is Joseph T. Desmond, and I am a Quincy/Hingham attorney with over 15 years of experience in handling civil litigation cases involving business disputes, personal injury, insurance losses and many other matters that involve making something wrong into something right! I would be pleased to discuss your case with you.  Please give me a call or simply stop by!

Having spent many years running a profitable business, I understand that all that really matters is a good result. The legal process can take time, but be assured my focus is always on getting a good result for you. 

I will stand with you throughout your case and will guide you each step of the way. Your call will be responded to and you will always know where you stand. Good judgment and a hardworking attorney help the chance of a good result for you!